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RE: Goofy Late Night Idea?

From: Mohan, Ross <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 05:45:41 -0000
Message-ID: <>

The only demos I see there are just kind of vanilla "use JDBC" for = loading stuff. I kept thinking Ethan was going for direct dbms data = injection via library through EXTPROC (in "wrong" direction, of course), = without requiring=20
JDBC. To do this, I guess you could dump a client-based *.doc via ftp into a = dbms-server based <directory> and have a db-internal process polling for = results in <directory> and formatting same appropriately (via EXTPROC = and library def) for storage. You get ability to asynchronously upload = stuff and format it into db mediated by EXTPROC

This would obviate the use of JDBC to inject data in the db.=20

(Of course, it IS very late)

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From: on behalf of Bruce McCartney
Sent:	Fri 1/28/2005 4:55 AM
Subject:	RE: Goofy Late Night Idea?

I saw a demo of exactly this a while back using Oracle, XMLDB; which supports access by http, ftp and webdav. I haven't loaded myself; but = there
is mention of a downloadable demo at


Bruce McCartney

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> OK, so for whatever reason this thought just popped into my=20
> head and I think it would be a pretty cool feature for a=20
> database to have.

> # From a remote server you type...

> ftp server_name port

> # Then use normal ftp commands...
> cd resumes
> bin
> put 134564.doc
> bye

> Normally the file would be on a server someplace, but I am=20
> thinking it would be cool if Oracle could expose a table,=20
> such as RESUMES, as an ftp service/directory. So when the=20
> 'put' is done the file is stored in RESUMES table in the=20
> database. Basically it would be a Oracle owned ftp service=20
> which allows you to use normal ftp commands from another=20
> server to interact directly with an Oracle table by adding,=20
> getting and removing files.

> I sure with a little code you could write something that=20
> basically does this but it would be neat if it was something=20
> your could just configure with a little DDL.

> Oh well, like I said, just a late night thought.

> --

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