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SuperDome and VPARS

From: Kline.Michael <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 09:14:44 -0500
Message-ID: <>

We've got two data warehouses that we are going to migrate. Here were some of the thoughts. I was wondering if anyone had the luxury of testing BOTH ways and what they found out. NORMALLY the PRD database builds a bunch of data which this then transferred to RPT for reporting, so one is active and then the other, but both COULD be active at the same time. These are almost 2TB each, so not that big. The application NORMALLY shows signs of being I/O bound more than anything else due to the size of the data.  

Anyone "Been there, done that???"  

I'm sort of inclined to keep the current way, one VPAR.  

"I am sorry I have not been paying a much attention to the configuration as I should, but I want to make a suggestion. The Superdome resources for XXXXX appear to be 8 CPUs, 16 GB memory and 8 SAN cards. As I understand, the current plan is to create two VPARS that have two permanently assigned CPU's and the ability to acquire up to 4 'floating' CPUs. Each would have a static amount of memory and each would have 4 SAN cards. I would suggest we put all of these resources into one vpar. That way the two instances, pfrpt, pfprd would have full access to ALL resources. This could improve I/O throughput, as well as provide more combined memory and CPU power that two separate partitions. I don't know about the other software systems (People tools, informatica), but this seems like a superior configuration than two vpars who will have unused computer resources at different times. What do you think?"  

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