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Re: TKPROF output -- high current gets for INSERT

From: Wolfgang Breitling <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 12:56:42 -0700
Message-Id: <>

 From the "Elapsed times include waiting on following events" I conclude that this is (at least) Oracle 9i, but what Release/patch level exactly? When you are saying "I have freelists and initrans set appropriately", can we assume that the table is in a non-ASSM tablespace? A client of mine has a similar situation where an insert takes an inordinate amount of time, associated with large amounts of current gets. It got extremely bad when they hit the ASSM bug in so the affected tables were hastily moved to a non-ASSM tablespace. Even with the tables in the non-ASSM tablespace the current gets / row ratio is ~30 (yours is "only" ~20). The inserts there are simple "insert .. select" and I've come to blame the high current get counts on the fact that a similar number of rows gets deleted from the table as are eventually re-inserted without a commit in between (which incidentally is the recipe for the ASSM bug).
Do you have a similar situation where rows are also deleted in the same transaction, or are they pure additions?

At 01:09 AM 12/30/2004, wrote:
> We are running a ETL process through informatica. This process is
> running 4 concurrent sessions into a single partition of a fact table.
> I have freelists and initrans set appropriately. There is a db trigger
> at a statement level for this table which does "alter session
> skip_unusable_indexes = true". Bitmap indexes on FK'S for that
> partition is made unusable before we run the insert stmt.
>There are 13 refrential integrity constriants for this fact table that
>are enabled during this insert operation..
>With this as input..can someone please shed some light on why i am
>getting so many current gets...for eg tkprof output has
>Execute 1175 23.09 23.22 10(disk) 3616(query)
>1092396(current) 56400 (rows)
>curious as to why there are 1 mill current mode buffer gets for 56K
>Since there are no indexes to be updated, is the referential integrity
>and db trigger the main cause for this current gets ? If so can someone
>explain please..
>Waits are as follows..
>Elapsed times include waiting on following events:
> Event waited on Times Max. Wait Total
> Waited
> ---------------------------------------- Waited ----------
> ------------
> SQL*Net more data from client 5269 0.00
> 0.17
> SQL*Net message to client 586 0.00
> 0.00
> SQL*Net message from client 586 2.80
> 1192.99
> db file sequential read 10 0.00
> 0.02
> latch free 1 0.00
> 0.00
>Any help in improving this insert would be appriciated..


Wolfgang Breitling
Centrex Consulting Corporation

Received on Thu Dec 30 2004 - 14:24:56 CST

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