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RE: Intel-Hyperthread-Linux-Oracle

From: david hill <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 17:02:46 -0500
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Looks like you got a nice rep. Les  

Here's what Oracle says in their licensing definition. < dia=os_g_english_help_licensing> &media=os_g_english_help_licensing  

Processor: shall be defined as all processors where the Oracle programs are installed and/or running. Programs licensed on a Processor basis may be accessed by your internal users (including agents and contractors) and by your third party users. For the purposes of counting the number of processors which require licensing, a multicore chip with "n" processor cores shall be counted as "n" processors.  

Good news is though, it looks like the industry going to be pushing oracle to change it. Little Story at the Register today <>        

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From: Hollis, Les [] Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2004 12:08 PM To:; Cc:
Subject: RE: Intel-Hyperthread-Linux-Oracle  

As I mentioned yesterday, when we were in discussions with Oracle Tech reps and Sales reps, they informed us unequivocally that all that mattered is the PHYSICAL count of CPU's hyperthreading / multi-core did not matter...  

I also said that you could probably talk with different reps and get different answers....They'll tell you whatever pops in their heads...remember they ARE sales people and they DO get paid based on the revenue they bring in.  

Example we have a SUN E10k with 64 procs split into 7 nodes...(6 with 8 procs and 1 with 16 procs) they were telling us that we needed to license based on all 64 procs because we could redirect processors to different nodes if we wished by software commands. (We are looking at a couple of 'web based' apps that will require CPU licensing as opposed to named $40K per CPU, could kill the IT budget for the next century)  

NOT TRUE...E10K does not have that ability....after several months, they finally agreed that we were right and we had them put it on paper for us...      

SO, call back and talk to someone else and I bet you get a different answer.....  

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[] On Behalf Of Christian Antognini Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2004 10:13 AM To:
Subject: RE: Intel-Hyperthread-Linux-Oracle  

Hi Richard  

>I wonder what Oracle's licensing plans are for CPUs that
>are: Hyper-threading, dual-core. Anyone has any insights
>to share?

No idea about hyper-threading but I know that multi-core CPUs are not = =3D
counted as a single processor! i.e. dual-core means to CPU for the =3D license.  



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