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RE: Where To Use Additional Memory

From: Johnson, George <GJohnson_at_GAM.COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 15:24:59 -0000
Message-ID: <>

        "why the additional 2 Gb=20= of memory the Sysadmin added to the production server was not improving=20= our OLTP transaction response time=2E"

        That's the best one in ages!

        You can't just throw memory at databases and expect them to speed up, 10 fold. You need your ER/DB Architect to look at the DB design, gather and check the performance stats, visit the SQL developers, look at their code and response times, finally look at where measurable improvements will make a difference and utilise the extra memory. Simply "tinkering" with a limited set of the database parameters to utilise memory, will not improve it's performance.

        I had a similar problem with developers here, who kept asking why we didn't increase the shared pool every time a piece of SQL or structure change did not perform as well as expected. We'd upgrade the box to keep our HW agreements up to date and they'd ask why it wasn't running faster. I asked them to go to and look up "increase shared pool", they left me alone once they had better ideas about tuning and improving their code.

        Kind regards

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[] Sent: 08 Dec 2004 15:03
Subject: Where To Use Additional Memory

Recently my manager stopped by my desk and asked why the additional 2 Gb=20= of memory the Sysadmin added to the production server was not improving=20= our OLTP transaction response time=2E Ok course I had no idea that any=20= additional memory had been added to the server so I am obviously not using=20= it for the database=2E=2E=2E

We are new to Oracle 9=2E2 (9=2E2=2E0=2E5) and AIX 5L (5=2E2)=2E I have read all= =20= about the new 'advice' catalog views and memory management in 9i=2E=20=

I have a few questions:=20=

  1. How safe is it to turn on db_cache_advice during peak transaction=20= periods?
  2. How reliable/useful are the stats that I see out of the V$ advice=20= views?
  3. Does anyone have a tried and true method for determining the best place=20= to use additional physical free memory?

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