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RE: Important: Oracle processes taking lots of CPU

From: Cary Millsap <>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 13:21:58 -0600
Message-ID: <002201c4d25a$de1d0570$6400a8c0@CVMLAP02>

Both the time spent in user mode (%usr) spinning for a latch and the = time
spent in kernel mode (%sys) contribute to the c statistic shown in = extended
SQL trace files.

If your system is enduring a lot of preemptions (context switching), you = can
also detect that in your extended SQL trace data by noticing that a significant proportion of your total response time is unaccounted for. = You
can detect unaccounted-for time in your extended SQL trace data, but I = don't
think there's any way to detect it Oracle's V$/X$ data.

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Hi New DBA,

>As I understand, the CPU is used while performing
>LIOs, doing calculation, sorts or while spinning for
>the latches. My understanding might be wrong! Since
>there aren't enough LIOs or complex calculations
>involved I thought that spinning for latches might be
>causing excessive CPU.=20

Spinning does cause CPU issues. I believe that if you have many = processes
and comparatively lesser number of processors, then you might have a lot = of
CPU consumption that is unaccounted for as cycles used for process = context
switching is not accounted in oracle. You will have to then look at 'sar = -u'
( look for high %sys), 'sar -q' (look for high run queue size and = occupancy)
and 'sar -w' (look for excessive process switches).

Let us know if this helps,
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