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RE: Multiplex Redo Logs with Mirrored Disks?

From: Stephen Evans <>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 15:11:33 -0500
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i have experienced multi disk failures within a single raid group. it always seems to happen after the array has been powered off (i guess the spindles seize or something).
so, yes multiplex your redos & cf's

we actually tri-plex redos & controlfiles. one copy goes on local unix storage & the other two go on the SAN. That way even if the SAN catches on fire (or whatever), we can still get to our active redos & control files.

good luck,


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IMHO - What you are questionning is 'best-practice' and relying on hardware
solutions to get
you out of any potential failures. I'd say your on a slippery slope. Stick with best practice and have at least 2 members per group.

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[]On Behalf Of David Wagoner Sent: 23 November 2004 15:47
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Subject: Multiplex Redo Logs with Mirrored Disks?

Is there any need to multiplex redo logs with mirrored disks (e.g., RAID-1 or RAID-1+0)?
Example- Oracle recommends multiplexing redo logs on separate disks, like redo01a.log on Disk1 and redo01b.log on Disk2, etc.

However, now that mirrored disks are in common use with RAID-1+0, RAID-1, etc. it seems that sufficient protection is in place to use only a single copy of each redo log. This would also provide the benefit of reduced disk
I/O to write redo information to disk.

Anyone disagree?

Best regards,

David B. Wagoner
Database Administrator


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