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RE: Query tool

From: Murphy, Greg (GE Consumer Finance) <>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 23:13:54 -0000
Message-ID: <>

Have you tried iSQL*Plus? Its basically SQL*Plus in a web browser (so = formats the query output nicely) but you'll still need to secure your = user's accounts to make sure they only have the relevant object access = for what they need.


Greg Murphy

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[]On Behalf Of Richard Stevenson Sent: 08 November 2004 14:09
Subject: Re: Query tool

SchemaSurf will go most way to your requirements. It's a web-based = schema browser - specifically designed for viewing schemas and data in a = production environment - aka a Read-Only tool. It does allow queries, = based upon indexed columns, and the data can be pulled back to screen = (HTML) or to Excel. It shows pretty much all data associated with a = schema, including storage etc. It will limit you in terms of = constructing business intelligence (BI) type queries but then it was = never designed to do that. Security is by schema - per standard = database login.

SchemaSurf is being used by many of the worlds major companies, in = almost 60 countries, whereby they are using a mixture of Toad for dev = and SchemaSurf for prod environments. Their reasoning is always pretty = much the same as your query.

Best part - it's FreeWare!


Richard J Stevenson
CobbleSoft International Ltd.

  We are looking for a gui-based tool to let our users/developers run = query
  and possibly dml on databases, but not allow ddl changes or other = intrusive
  I already know about Oracle Discoverer.

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