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RE: backup backupset over multiple channels in RAC

From: Spears, Brian <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 10:59:11 -0500
Message-ID: <>

 This is how we do it. We however use simple scripts that do the job for us and a sheduler runs it. We can simply change a parameter to change the amount of copies left on disk. Confirming it is successful to tape is what we wanted to control at a native level.

I think we backup in the terabyte range to disk then ship to tape. Just ask any thing specific you want about this.


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Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 2:36 AM To:
Subject: Re: backup backupset over multiple channels in RAC

Hi Peter,

my problem is on backup, not restore..
I have successfully tried to backup directly to tape using multiple channels, but this is not what i want. (each node on RAC' instances have local tape)

I need to backup existing backupset in disk to tape. Because currently my backupset are located in each instances, command 'backup backupset' does not work as i post before.


> Tomi
> The problem is not in Rman, bur in the software from
> the tapestation, it
> will register the IP or Node name the Rman backupset
> was generated and when
> Rman then try to restore the backupset from the
> other node it will fail.
> The way to fix this is to use a virtual IP / node
> when you backup and
> restore
> with Rman, the virtual node is normaly configered in
> a env varible or a
> config
> file for the backup software.
> /peter
> tomi wijanto wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I have procedure to backup RAC database using
> multiple
> >channels to disk (each channel for different
> >instance).
> >Now, i try to backup backupset to tape, but failed.
> >If i connect to first instance, rman said that it
> >cannot find backupset that actually located in
> second
> >instance's node.
> >I'm using oracle, ibm tivoli.
> >
> >The rman backup backupset command is like this:
> >
> >run {
> >allocate channel sbt_tape_1 type 'sbt_tape' connect='user/pwd_at_node1'
> >parms
> >allocate channel sbt_tape_2 type 'sbt_tape' connect='user/pwd_at_node2'
> >parms
> >backup backupset completed after 'sysdate-1';
> >}
> >
> >The questions are:
> >- Is there any limitation of 'backup backupset' to
> >spread over multiple instances in RAC?
> >- If so, should i only backup from one node to
> disk?
> >(i spread them because backup of database from
> >multiple instances is faster than single instance)
> >
> >regards,
> >tomi

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