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RE: Ora Doc in PDA

From: William B Ferguson <>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 07:59:31 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I have a HP 4155 (running the Pocket PC Windows software) that I = primarily
got just to keep all the appointments for my family an I together and on-hand. After I got it, I've found lots of other uses, all the Windows software I normally use (Word and Excel), a bunch of free stuff like a simple little checklist program for shopping, a time report program (so = I
can monitor the time spent on different projects), and then of course games, for when I'm just killing time at Dr. appointments, at a restaraunt, etc.

However, now that I'm familiar and comfortable with it, I've filled up most of the memeory and now find that I need to get an additional = memeory
card so I can add the Adobe Acrobat reader and then I'll be able to = store
a few Oracle Doc's in pdf format. I've never tried it yet, so not sure = if
I'll wind up having to do a bunch of left-right scrolling or not (I probably will), but I won't know until I try...

Since I'm also running 10g, I tried getting the EM2go to work, but something must be misconfigured and I really don't have the time to try and figure it out yet. One MAJOR disadvantage of doing everything (computer related anyway); DBA, development, user support, LAN admin, system admin, security, etc.

Bill Ferguson
U.S. Geological Survey - Minerals Information Team PO Box 25046, MS-750
Denver, Colorado 80225
Voice (303)236-8747 ext. 321 Fax (303)236-4208

~ Think on a grand scale, start to implement on a small scale ~

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On Behalf Of Sinardy Xing
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 10:50 PM To:
Subject: RE: Ora Doc in PDA

My reason to get a PDA:

  1. Xmas gift for myself :)
  2. PDA can play MP3 why buy IPOD
  3. My facility not allow notebook, when I do troubleshooting I need =3D Oracle doc, be it concept or sql commands or perhaps old notes about =3D unix and tips and trick from Steve Adams and Tom 4. My memory is running low need an upgrade

By the way, Sony come out very small 1 GHz machine running "Win XP Pro", =
you can install small Oracle instance there, but only in Japan, is very =

nice suitable for all DBAs but still a PC so most probably can't bring =

in to the secure room.


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[]On Behalf Of Charles Hart Sent: 05 November 2004 11:55
Subject: Re: Ora Doc in PDA

The major things I use my PDA for is just for quick reference = notes.=3D20 It
is nice to have if your away from a system and need to know a kernal setting you used on a certain machine. I also work with Oracle = Financials
and there are alot of little pieces on sql code I keep for references in the PDA for things I only do every few months. I also have a special piece of software that allows me to keep password and = such
stored on the PDA, of course it is password protected and never goes to the desktop.


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