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RE: Multiple ORACLE_HOMEs in 9iRAC on Linux

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:47:25 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Strange, since the release 10 notes prohibit having the home of CRS and the home of RDBMS being the same place. I realize you're 9i, not 10g, I just think it is a strange recommendation. I wouldn't want to mess with name collisions, and if I had to patch CRS I wouldn't want that to potentially affect the RDBMS software and the reverse is true as well.

Maybe you can make it work, but using a separate install for RDBMS software for 9i certainly is more in tune with 10g and should simplify your migration.

I'm not sure I would have a separate OH for each database, though, although I suppose there is no harm if you have space. I try to make do with 2 or 3 for rdbms, such that I have an ....rdbms/version as OH for each release actually running on the machine (plus possibly a newer one where nothing is actually running yet.)

For 10g, I have penciled in crs, rdbms (just one so far which is patched up to .3), asm, and grid. I put the extra ones in for asm and grid because I want isolation for operational issues upgrading them (just like crs). When I don't have client-server nodes available, I also install a "client" OH with just the client software so I can do a baseline test from there to the other versions on the machine without relying on software that might creep in from rdbms that won't really be there on stand-alone client installs.

I'm still working on how things map out for ease of nomenclature and comments are welcome.


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Subject: Multiple ORACLE_HOMEs in 9iRAC on Linux

We are building a Linux Cluster [initially 2 nodes, later 4 nodes] to hold multiple Oracle databases.

On Unix we always maintain seperate ORACLE_HOMEs if there is more than 1 database on a server
[seperate O_H allows seperate patching and seperate version upgrades].

On the Linux Cluster, we undertand, that there can only be 1 Oracle Cluster Manager install. Oracle's
notes on 9iRAC installatiion also include installing the Database RDBMS executables into the same
O_H as the Cluster Manager.

Would there be any reason why we can't have

  1. One O_H for the Cluster Manager
  2. A second O_H for the first Database
  3. A third O_H for the second Database ?

Hemant K Chitale


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