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RE: RMAN-NetBackup without an RMAN Catalog

From: Mercadante, Thomas F <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:26:33 -0400
Message-ID: <C9995D8C5E0DDA4A8FF9D68EE666CE07A7F97D@exchsen0a1ma>


You have to admit that this may never be available. Think about it. You will be migrating to new releases about 4 times between now and 5 years from now. Rman version 13x would probably choke and puke anyway when it tried to restore the version 9i controlfile! :)

Tom Mercadante
Oracle Certified Professional

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From: Hemant K Chitale [] Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 11:10 AM To:
Subject: RE: RMAN-NetBackup without an RMAN Catalog

What I would like to be able to do is ... 5 years from now, restore _todays_ backup.
Wouldn't I be able to use [then, in 2009], SET UNTIL "13-OCT-04" and RESTORE CONTROLFILE ? The "contradiction" I saw was in the Support Analyst's first point " .. its too far away" and then second point "there's no limit with SET UNTIL ...". Hemant

At 11:00 PM Wednesday, Mercadante, Thomas F wrote:
>Why does the last part seem self-contradictory? If I read the response
>correct, they are saying that you can't restore a control file from a
>point in time that does not exist (that you do not have a backup for).
>I agree that there should probably be a logical syntax check. But I'm
>guessing that they will leave it up to error reporting to tell you that
>the backup does not exist from the 5-year-old time-frame.
>Does this make sense?
>Tom Mercadante
>Oracle Certified Professional
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>From: Hemant K Chitale []
>Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 10:52 AM
>To: Smith, Ron L.
>Subject: RE: RMAN-NetBackup without an RMAN Catalog
>Hmm. I saw the reference in the RMAN User Guide to a limit of 366 days
>when restoring an AUTOBACKUP CONTROLFILE without a CATALOG.
>However, the Reference Guide on the syntax of the SET UNTIL command
>does not specify any restriction.
>In response to my TAR where I stated :
>"I am using RMAN with Veritas NetBackup with NO Catalog. CONTROLFILE
>AUTOBACKUP ON is configured and the controlfile is being backed up. I
>can restore the latest controlfile. However, I wish to be able to
>*older* control files -- going as far back as 5 years. Is that possible ?
>Does the SET UNTIL clause with RESTORE CONTROLFILE have any limits ?"
>I got this from the Support Analyst :
>It seems impossible to restore the backup of 5 years ago without
>catalog. 1.Can you list up this backup of 5 years ago? -- it seems
>impossible because it's too far away. 2.there's no limit with SET UNTIL
>clause with RESTORE CONTROLFILE unless the backup set doesn't exist or
>the backup record doesn't exist in current controlfile. "
>which seems, to me, to be self-contradictory.

Hemant K Chitale                

Received on Wed Oct 13 2004 - 10:22:05 CDT

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