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RE: Hw is Sharelex ?

From: Hallas, John, Tech Dev <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 14:30:23 +0100
Message-ID: <1C6E45ADB2EC324F9553E468ABFE0F63011A1656@UKWMXM04>

That's an interesting view Mark. We have just completed a large = migration using Shareplex 4.0 (that was the version we started on, I = know 4.5 is out now)
and the major issue we had (apart from the fact we were migrating from = Tru64 to Solaris) was that Shareplex did not handle longs very well. I know that 4.5 it is slightly better but we had an extended migratiopn = whereby we created empty tables on the new database and then had an = outage to export the source database and activated Shareplex capture for = all tables at that point.

We imported that data to the target database and then started the post = queue to apply changes. We then ran a lot of compare tables routines = because this was a mission critical system(s) and we could not afford = any other long outages.

Shareplex compares each column but with long columns it can only check = the first 64 characters. After that it shows that row as being out of = sync

We had a number of other issues with Shareplex, some concerned with = longs, others to do with the fact that we were on Tru64 on one side.

We also learned that the capture process and post queue are not = resilient to disk crashes under some circumstances (I suppose that can = be said of most applications to be honest)

Overall Shareplex allowed us to do something that Oracle did not support = and we completed the project successfully using Shareplex. I would be = happy to use it again, but with DataGuard now available at no additional = cost, that would be my first choice


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[]On Behalf Of Mark Strickland Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 5:18 PM
To:;;;; Subject: RE: Hw is Sharelex ?

I implemented Shareplex at a previous contract assignment for a simple reporting database. It was easy to implement and easy to maintain. The driving reason for using Shareplex was that the data model involved had LONG columns. A major advantage with Shareplex is that the queueing of transactions occurs outside the database so there is less risk of space issues if replication falls behind (the only times that Shareplex fell behind for me was due to my own error). =3D20

Mark Strickland
Seattle, WA

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[] On Behalf Of Chirag DBA Sent: Saturday, October 09, 2004 12:21 AM To:;;; Subject: Hw is Sharelex ?

Hi Friends,

Is any one using the SHAREPLEX of Quest Software ?

Is that a good idea to get good command of DATABASE REPLICATION TECHNOLOGY n mainly work in that side?

Hw is the market demands for the REPLICATION EXPERT ?=3D20

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