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Re: Standby db and OEM Data Guard Manager

From: Chandra Pabba <>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 09:43:48 +0530
Message-ID: <>

Hi Alex,

If you are using OEM DGM to manage and adminster your DataGuard environment, it's all just couple of clicks, but the requirment is you should be using OEM Repository to use the GUI. Using OEM DGM, you will be able to create standby databases (it creates the required directory structures, pfile/spfile.....) both logical as well as physical. When you right click on the DG Environment/profile, it will give you an option to Failover/Switchover.

You are right, you need to create your new Standby database from your current Primary (switched/failed over to primary role from former secondary) immediately after a failover option, but this is not required when you perform a graceful failover.

To rebuild standby, you can use either the OEM menu driven functionality or use the manual process to create the standby database and I am sure those instructions are available on metalink.

Hope thie helps!

Chandra Pabba

> Hello,
> I have been redaing some about the switchover and failover techniques.
Most of what I've found has been how to do it manually or using command-line. Can someone help with the info, links, documents on how to perform sitchover + failover using OEM DGM.
> And also, if I undersdtand the process right, after the failover is done,
the primary db has to be rebuilt. What's the procedure to rebuilt it and swicth back to the original db: so that after the failover, you rebuild the ex-primary, then switch back to it, making the new primary as standby.
> Thanks
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