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Re: Oracle for Windows XP with INTEL inside

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 09:37:13 +0100
Message-ID: <>

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 19:34:24 -0700, Jared Still <> wrote:
> I may have been thinking of Remote Terminal
> Services, which I believe requires the listener
> to be started, as you are not actually on the console
> when you connect to the database.

That used to be true, but is no longer true from 9i.  

> As someone else already stated, it is the 'wrong' OS.
> Windows complicates everything it touches.

I disagree with the first statement quite strongly, and with the second statement a bit. Windows does have a number of technical limitations that inhibit its scalability for more than (say) 150/200 concurrent sessions or utilising more than 1.7gb or so of RAM per instance. (yes I know about AWE - its horrible). However if you don't need to exceed the technical limits of the platform there are any number of situations when it is the 'right' OS. For example

When you don't have *nix skills in-house and do have windows skills. When you have a windows only infrastructure.

I'm sure that Mogens would argue that the only technically 'right' OS is VMS. He may well be correct, but infrastructure doesn't get implemented in a vacuum and making technology decisions on purely technical factors is probably worse than making technical decisions on purely business factors.

On the windows over complicates things argument, I suspect that also depends where you are coming from. Configuring shared memory, adjusting kernel parameters etc seems to your average Windows admin to 'overly-complicate' things - cos you don't have to - or can't - do them on that platform.

So windows is more limited yes, that doesn't mean that it is 'wrong' .

Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA
Received on Mon Sep 27 2004 - 03:32:52 CDT

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