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RE: Security Alert #68 - patchsets required on client software also?

From: Hostetter, Jay M <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 08:09:02 -0400
Message-ID: <>

I've been installing the 9.2 client on some new Linux boxes which will run PHP. During the application of patch 3811906 (one of the Alert 68 patches), I got the following error:

make: *** No rule to make target=20
`/u01/app/oracle/product/9.2.0/network/lib/s0nur.o', needed by

After many hours of deleting,reinstalling, etc. it turns out that this error wasn't caused by the patch. I did a custom install of the Oracle Client (from th 9.2 CDs) and selected only SqlPlus and OCI. This install works fine, but a relink will fail with the above error. I went back and also installed Network Utilities - this allowed me to do a "relink all" without any errors. The subsequent patch and Alert 68 patch were then installed without any problems.=20

Hope this saves somebody some headaches. I wasn't getting any helpful hits on MetaLink.=20


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Subject: Re: Security Alert #68 - patchsets required on client software also?

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21. Is the Database Client install equally vulnerable?

    We are still investigating what is required. For now it is our belief that the priority is to patch Database servers and middle tier servers. Watch this part of the FAQ for updated information about patching clients. The same patch for the database server can be applied on the middle tier servers also.

That is good news as compared with the prior iteration.



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