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RE: Oracle for Windows XP with INTEL inside

From: Sinardy Xing <>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 14:50:35 +0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Graeme,  

Thanks for your info  

It is not a server but it is my notebook, I create the DB with the DB assist, after the creation my db looks ok I even upgrade my catalog with catparr.sql, and create few tables, then I decide to configure the listener, I don't know why the listener is not working, so I remove the listener, tnsnames and sqlnet files, because I just want to connect to my database directly without using listener, now my database give me ORA-12560:  

btw, I found from AskTom, he said I need to use ORADIM to register my DB, I delete and recreate my services with oradim, I also recreate the password file, then I can connect with sys as sysdba.  

Thanks for the tips for the first time connect using Sys account not system.    

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Are you connecting to the host machine via RDP (MS Terminal Services Client)?

If so, you cannot connect via the method you described (unless you are on MS Server 2003 and you specify connection to the CONSOLE when initiating your RDP session).

Also, you cannot connect "system as sysdba" (unless you specifically grant the SYSDBA privilege to SYSTEM which is not standard practice). You should connect "SYS AS SYSDBA".

If you DO connect over RDP on <Win2003 then to connect as SYSDBA you will need to start the listener, configure remote_login_passwordfile=exclusive in the (s)pfile and connect "SYS@<SID> AS SYSDBA".

Good luck.


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20/09/2004 02:08 PM

Please respond to



Oracle for Windows XP with INTEL inside         

Hi guys,
Is that true that you cannot connect to Oracle 9.2.0 on Intel + XP machine "WITHOUT A LISTENER?"

I got this from metalink

Problem: You could get an ORA-09352 on version 7.x of the database, an ORA-12203 on version 8.0.x of the database, or an ORA-12560 on version 8.1.x of the database.

Solution: This is because the bequeath connection is not supported on NT terminal server. Note 66397.1 (INTEL: Windows NT Terminal Server Support) shows the certification.

Can you please tell me how to startup Oracle 9.2.0 wihtout using listener? (on Win XP).

This is my attempt

run... cmd

C:\> set ORACLE_SID=mytest (I also try set the variable on the System Property, Advanced Tab, User variables)

C:\> sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect system as sysdba
password:.... manager

ORA-12560: TNS: erro....

Thanks in advance





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