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Re: ADMIN: list changes

From: Jason Heinrich <>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 12:46:47 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Let's not forget those of us who are on the digest (which explains why I'm just now jumping into this conversation). The digest "From" address is "FreeLists Mailing List Manager <>", which means that now I can't use Reply OR Reply All to respond to a post. Instead, now I have to create a new message. It's not that big a deal, as it only takes a few more seconds, but it is less convenient.

While this change will likely cut down on the number of private responses accidentally posted to the list, I forsee just as many people accidentally hitting Reply instead of Reply All to respond to the list, so that only the original poster will receive their response. This won't be quite as embarrassing to the poster, but it will reduce the amount of potentially helpful information being available to all list members.

Other members have made good arguments for retaining the Reply-To header the way it was. Reading through this thread, I get the impression that this will cause more problems than it will fix. Already it's turned the focus of this list away from Oracle for the time being.

If it ain't broke...etc.

Jason Heinrich
Oracle Database Administrator
Pensacola Christian College
(850) 478-8496 x2509

> From: FreeLists Mailing List Manager <>
> Reply-To:
> Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 02:06:08 -0500 (EST)
> To: oracle-l digest users <>
> Subject: oracle-l Digest V1 #253
> From: "Steve Adams" <>
> Subject: ADMIN: list changes
> Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 10:57:08 +1000
> Hello All,
> I've made a few changes. They are tentative.
> Please send any feedback directly to me.
> 1. Messages will no longer carry the "Reply-To:" header line.
> Use "Reply to All" to reply to the list.
> Use "Reply" to respond privately.

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