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Re: ****** RMAN backup for multi TB databases ******

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 10:17:46 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Obviously, it depends on what needs to be restored - one datafile, a couple of them, or all of them. The level-0 backup of 13Tb is approaching 24 hours, so that should provide perspective.

However, just by sheer odds based on space consumption, it is the READ ONLY tablespaces (which only need to be restored, not recovered) that are most likely to get "hit" by some failure. The odds of having to restore and recover the entire 35Tb at once is pretty slim, and at that point, you have to compare the cost of possibly having to restore/recover 35Tb against the benefits of having the 35Tb at all. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of throwing some of it away on purpose? And, would it be necessary to have a complete service outage for the entire restore/recover operation, or can some of the database (i.e. tablespaces with "newer" data) be up and running while the rest of the database is restored and recovered?

Nice thing about RMAN is that mistakes on restore are fewer and more accurate...


> Tim - How long do they estimate the recovery time would be?
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> I recently visited a shop where they use RMAN on a 35Tb DW. 22Tb are READ
> ONLY tablespaces, so their weekly level-0 is about 13Tb. Their daily
> level-1 and level-2 average about 2-4Tb each, couple hundred Gb of
> archivelogs per day. They run big-iron Solaris and Veritas Netbackup to Sun
> DLT tape drives (16 drives, I think).
> They're happy with RMAN, although that weekly level-0 is exceeding the 24hr
> backup window they've imposed. I suggested that the level-0's be
> distributed across each day of the 7-day week, to even out their spikes;
> don't know if they implemented it or not.
> Also suggested that they look into table compression, but that will be a
> longer term thing. At the moment, I think they opted to order 6-8 more tape
> drives...
> RMAN isn't a problem; it's a big part of the solution...
> on 8/19/04 4:56 PM, Sam Reddy at wrote:

>> Hi All,
>> Could you please share your experience if you have implemented RMAN backup

> on
>> a 5TB (Tera Byte) system ? I am concerned about backup time with
>> full/cumulative/ incremental backups when RMAN is used in conjunction with
>> Legato networker. Would you please send me if you have any white papers ?
>> Hardware setup at your shop and any other technical considerations ?
>> I appreciate your help.
>> Have a wonderful day!
>> Regards,
>> Sam.

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