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RE: VPD Pre/Post Implementation Issues

From: Leslie Tierstein <>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 13:57:45 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Possible issues:

There is a large potential gotcha especially if you are retro-fitting VPD to a database/application that has already been designed/implemented: Make sure that the policy is applied only in the contexts where it is supposed to be applied. Consider, for example, a multi-company implementation where most users are only supposed to see data for their company. There may be, however, some super-users and/or some contexts where the current user has to see things for multiple companies. This functionality will break if the policy is too broad. This is also particularly likely to be a gotcha if multiple systems are accessing the same data.

As for writing the policy, it typically WILL involve some sort of sub-query. In the above case (VPD restricts user to data by company), for example:

SELECT * FROM product p
 WHERE p.company_id IN (SELECT company_id FROM my_user_permissions u

                         WHERE u.company_id =3D p.company_id
                           AND u.user_id =3D <current user, however

(The above implies that the same user may have permissions to view data from many companies; you'll also have to factor this into your analysis.)

The sub-queries will tend to be deeply nested (hence affecting performance), unless you denormalize the database to include the company_id (or similar attribute) in every table, or you are sure that you are only accessing a detail table in the context of a parent table
-- either via a JOIN or row-by-row access via cursors.

You should also think about setting up SYS_CONTEXT variable(s) to hold the identifying characteristic(s), if this means you will be able to formulate a simpler, more efficient SQL clause for the policy.

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