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Re[2]: Normalization

From: Peter Robson <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 10:21:39 +0100
Message-ID: <>

 On normalisation - it is probably worth pointing out that - although  eliminating redundancy is indeed an important part of the process - it  is only a part. Other activities include resolving inter-key and  inter-attribute dependencies.

 Irrespective of the particular mechanisms applied in the process of  normalisation (of which the above are examples), the whole thrust is  to ensure that one creates a logical, internally consistent data  model, which is then implemented by the RDBMS - and that is the great  strength of the RDBMS - it supports the physical implementation of a  correctly designed logical data model (well, with certain caveats  according to the product).

 The process of normalisation is the product of sound reasoning. The  benefit of applying the process is that, if the results of a data  query should ever be challenged, one can turn to the data model  design and demonstrate totally unambiguously that there are no  inconsistencies in that design, therefore the query outputs MUST be  correct. Err, this could be rather important...

 If you are querying from a non-normalised data model, you can never  claim that assurance. And if that assurance is not required, well, as  Jared said, why bother with the expense of an RDBMS - use a text  file with sed/grep etc....


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