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RE: vmstat output to db

From: David <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 19:45:38 -0700
Message-ID: <000801c47516$231c8b20$6401a8c0@winston>

I had considered using sar and some other commands and do plan to also. I planned on getting a working skeleton working and then modify the functionality/syntax for various commands and captures.

Do you mean though, why don't I just use SAR collections and retrieve = the
data via sar for historical trending. Why put it in the database and = not
the sar files?
If that is the question, then I plan or have been asked to setup alert notifications if a criteria is met(paging/swapping when pi/po and sr are high, cpu load above a point, etc). Easy way to manipluate the data and alert is if the data is in the db. I could use sar and scripting to accomplish the same I suppose....six of one half a dozen of another, but perhaps there is merit to do it the sar/scripting way. I got more interested in this method than determining if it was the best appraoch. = I
was going to do that later. ;)

In a way, this was/is a learning exercise. I got the idea from the Statspack manual, which I have not read and do = not
own, but I know in that manual the process of loading OS metrics into = the db
is discussed and scripts provided.
Is there merit to that.
At one time I thought it was extending statspack, but it looks like = perfstat
schema in only leveraged and no sort of spreporting can pull in OS data right?
- David

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Subject: RE: vmstat output to db

Comments inline:


> >Also, the vmstat header lines repeat, so the 'sed' command will only=20
> >remove the first instance of them.

> Note that the first 'data' line is _always_ a summary of data since=20
> the server restart. This should be ignored - else you will get=20
> incorrect


I believe the 'sed 1,3d' was accomplishing that. :)

> In any case, use of 'vmstat' begs this question: Why not use 'sar'?=20
> When ...



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