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Re: Partition Advice

From: Tanel Põder <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 21:24:11 +0300
Message-ID: <383c01c4733d$bfb647d0$0a879fd9@porgand>

You could use:

alter table emp exchange partition old_partition with table employee;

And then rebuild any indexes on this partition.

That way the physical contents of old_partition in emp table table are replaced with contents of employee table (using a data dictionary update, no real data is moved around).

If you are sure about validity of data in the employee table, you could add "without validation" clause to the exchange partition syntax, that way the exchange operation itself will be faster. There are some issues though, I recommend you to read Jonathan Lewis'es article on this:


> I have a prod database where we have one of the big
> table been partioned on Weekly basis and each week
> data is around 40G. Today I checked that our RMAN
> backup is still showing Sucess at the end but been
> failing from last one week on one of the datafile and
> generated an IO error and then found that there are
> several block is been corrupted and it is Sun
> platform. I cannot copy the 30 G datafile using any OS
> utilities from one filesystem to another as it fail
> with same error.
> Now I cannot recover as I don't have good backup of
> this file but as the user are not accessing this old
> partition and so there are no report been made and
> system is fine. I had create new table now and
> populated all of the 2 million record in it and only
> lost 10 records. Now can somebody suggest as how can I
> put this data back to the parititon. I am going to
> drop the old parition and it is of no issue [ I hope
> so ] as I had made the file offline and online
> yesterday with problem and even bounced the database.
> So is there any way that I can drop the old partition
> and put this new data into this place. Original table
> is emp and new recovered table is Employee
> Thanks for all help

Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ:

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