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Re[2]: Export .dmp file

From: Peter Robson <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 13:41:53 +0100
Message-ID: <>


 Thanks very much for your reply - my apologies for the delay in my  own response - an interruption for the annual vacation, don't you  know...!

 Yes, I would indeed be interested in talking to this guy in SA. It  seems as though we may have trod similar paths, so input would be  useful



Tuesday, June 22, 2004, 6:40:30 AM, you wrote:

MN> Peter,

MN> A guy in South Africa I talked to recently has created such a tool. MN> Here's what he wrote to me (because I thought it sounded useful):

MN> ===================================================
MN> I am developing an import tool for oracle (can be extended to other DBs MN> as well).

MN> The need for this arose from the shortcomings of imp, the oracle import MN> tool.

MN> It is still very raw (does not handle raw or LOB data types), but it has 
MN> a select clause for partial table imports, can import into a table even 
MN> if the structure has changed from the exported table, can import into a 
MN> different table name than what was exported, and can import partitioned 
MN> tables on standard edition.

MN> I have already done 50 million record partial imports with it and the MN> performance is not half bad!

MN> Anybody who wants to help refine this can mail me, they are more than MN> welcome.

MN> Do you perhaps know where I can obtain a white paper on the .dmp 
MN> formats, since I had to figure it out byte for byte so far.
MN> =====================================================

MN> I'll be happy to put you in touch with him offline.

MN> Mogens

MN> Peter Robson wrote:

>> Thanks for that, Lex,
>> Simple reason really - I don't have a test db available right now!
>> Although I agree absolutely that this is the preferred way. I was
>> thinking of something like DataBee, but even that cannot extract
>> metadata if there is data present in the dmp file.
>> Plan B however does include creating one...
>> peter
>> Monday, June 21, 2004, 12:40:47 PM, you wrote:
>> LdH> Hi Peter,
>> LdH> what's the reason why you don't want to use conventional import?
>> LdH> that tool is precisely meant to offer you all the flexibility you need
>> LdH> to extract only the metadata, the data, with or without grants, ...
>> LdH> just import it in any test database under a DBA account, then retrieve
>> LdH> everything you want,
>> LdH> and remove the imported data again ...
>> LdH> Kind regards,
>> LdH> Lex.
>> LdH> ---------------------------------------------
>> LdH> visit my website at
>> LdH> ---------------------------------------------
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>> LdH> From:
>> LdH> []On Behalf Of Peter Robson
>> LdH> Sent: Monday, June 21, 2004 12:14
>> LdH> To:
>> LdH> Subject: Export .dmp file
>> LdH> Peeps,
>> LdH> Can anyone advise on a specific problem with one of these?
>> LdH> We have received a large DMP file, created from another (foreign)
>> LdH> instance by a dba account. We do not want to import this dump file
>> LdH> conventionally, but merely to extract the data into some stand-alone
>> LdH> file.
>> LdH> Does anyone know of any tools which will process a .dmp export file
>> LdH> outwith the Oracle environment?
>> LdH> thanks,
>> LdH> peter
>> LdH> edinburgh
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