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RE: spfile/listener question

From: Graeme Farmer <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 20:40:23 +1000
Message-ID: <>

It is not essential to have a listener.ora, provided you want to have the listener run on the default port (1521) it will start up without a config file.

HOWEVER, that would NOT be a good idea as changing from the default port is mandatory from a security perspective, as is setting a password, admin restrictions, etc, etc...

When using a non-default port, then automatic listener registration is only possible via the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter in (s)pfile. This can be set to a TNS alias that resolves to the correct host/port combination or you can enter a connect descriptor; and, as Ray pointed out, the listener needs to be started prior to any registration or indeed listening taking place!


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From: Feighery Raymond [] Sent: Tuesday, 29 June 2004 6:14 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: spfile/listener question

You haven't started the listener.
Dynamic registration via the init.ora file means you don't have to modify the listener.ora for each new database entry (e.g. you don't have to add an extra SID_LIST entry). However, you still have to define the LISTENER in the listener.ora for the listener itself and start it.


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[] Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 6:31 PM
Subject: spfile/listener question

Odd question time:
RTFM'd until we're blue, but we can't get the listener services to register when specified in the init.ora vs a listener.ora file. HR Apps 11.5.7 on Oracle, HPUX 11.11.

We're trying to set the listener in the init.ora/spfile using the parameters:

tnsnames.ora entry looks like:
db1= (DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=dbserver)(PORT=1421)))

As SYSDBA we've done the:

When we check the listener via lsnrctl we can not detect the services. $TNS_ADMIN is set correctly.

LSNRCTL> set current_listener db1
LSNRCTL> services
Connecting to (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)( TNS-12541: TNS:no listener
 TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
  TNS-00511: No listener
   HPUX Error: 239: Connection refused

Anyone out there gone through this exercise successfully?



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