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From: Wolfson Larry - lwolfs <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 16:06:13 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Hi Mogens,

                I was just wondering what the easiest way to do your #4? Do I create some base table and use table monitoring info or dba_segments or?


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[]On Behalf Of Mogens Nørgaard Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 2:56 AM
Subject: Re: DBMS_STATS

Can't remember if you got any responses on this - if you did, then I apologize for any repetitions...

There's no correct answer to this question - if there was, it would be part of the DBMS_STATS thing now, I bet :-)

I would suggest the following (subject to debate, please):

  1. Collect stats (sample 1 percent) on all your objects OR
  2. Import stats from your test system (or another similar system)
  3. If there are performance problems somewhere, fix them with either SQL statement tuning or Breitlings methods, or whatever
  4. If a table grows a LOT in size, re-analyze.
  5. Otherwise, don't touch anything until somebody complains. What Peter Gram from Miracle has called Compulsive Analyze DisOrder (CADO) is perhaps fun, but mostly not needed.

Why the 1 percent sample? Because that's what the Oracle benchmark guys do, so I figured it might be good enough. From a purely statistical point of view it ought to be, too.

Special problems exist, but this is my first suggestion.


April Wells wrote:

> Carel-Jan
> It is a really good paper, one that I will now read over pretty
> extensively... but I'm not sure it answers her questions on DBMS_STATS and
> how best to collect statistics effectively.
> I do want to see any good doc on it to. We are using DBMS_STATS in
> production, in all of our instances, but I'm not comfortable that we are
> implementing as well as we could, either.
> ajw
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