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RE: OC4J Process Architecture

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 09:30:46 -0500
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     You are correct that it would be great if someone documented everything you could ever want to know about OC4J. Since you don't seem to have that, there are a couple of other approaches you can take. Here are some ideas for you:

The key point is that in the end the performance problems must be understood so the organization can take steps to correct them. How to find the problems may require some study and ingenuity on your part. Don't give up!

Dennis Williams
Lifetouch, Inc.

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Tank you for responce,

Unfortunately I already have book you mention (9i JDeveloper Handbook) ;( There a little bit more information, but not so match, as I would like to ;(.
As I wrote, I will be indefinitely happy if it will be the information about OC4J like about RDBMS.
Cary Millsap and others Oracle experts have written excellent books about Oracle wait interface and how to face performance issues. Unfortunately as far as I know, there no possibility to use R-Method or other response-time based performance-tuning method without written own code for debugging purposes.
I am just DBA and you know, I have no big expense with Java programming. At the moment it looks like the good OC4J administrator will be Java top developer who perfectly know Java world. ;(

By my expense Looks like traditional DBA is unpowerful in many OC4J performance tuning situations.


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14.06.2004 16:14

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The tinyurl included points to the 9i JDeveloper Handbook, which is for the last version of the product. The JDeveloper 10g Handbook is also listed on Amazon, but isn't published yet. The publication date is early this fall, say, September.

However, the 10g book doesn't contain much information about the internals of OC4J. (I'm one of the technical editors.) But the authors, I know, have encountered similar problems. You might try contacting Paul Dorsey directly (see his company's web site at with specific questions. He is usually more than willing to offer advice.

There is another book on Amazon about JDeveloper: Oracle JDeveloper 10G: Empowering J2EE Development

One of the co-authors is Roel Stallman, who is the major Oracle evangelist (that may be his official job title) for JDeveloper. This book may contain more on the internals and architecture, although I haven't looked at it.

Leslie Tierstein
Senior Consultant
Vision Chain, Inc.
The first software to power the demand data network phone: 202-261-3549

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[]On Behalf Of Nuno Souto Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 6:58 AM
Subject: Re: OC4J Process Architecture

> Hope this information will help you.

Yes it does. Thanks a lot for posting it, there is very little information about this library.

There is a book out from Oracle Press, I think, that deals with JDeveloper in detail. Maybe you'd find some additional info there?
will take you to it.

Nuno Souto
in sunny Sydney, Australia

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