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Re: Rman/Legato/Architecture

From: Byron Pearce <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:27:13 -0500
Message-ID: <>


One of the problems that I always ran into with Legato was that it would backup to multiple tapes, but that it would restore from a single tape at a time. It has been several years since I have worked with the product, so that might have changed.

Having said that, we did get it to use multiple tape drives during a restore process by having a shell script that would parse the Legato database. I believe that I may have those in a tar/gzip archive somewhere on another system. It required us to get the various SSID's on the distinct tapes and build a shell script for each one. It was not a simple process, though once we had it scripted and documented it did go rather smoothly. If I can find then, then I will send them your way - maybe they will be helpful.

The short answer is "yes" you can do that, but it takes some work to set it up.

Someone else might have a better idea if the newer versions of Legato have a simpler way to get around this problem.

HTH Fuad Arshad wrote:

> Got a Questions for all the folks using rman out there.
> We are using rman with a legato networker solution.
> Now after tuning rman like stting up maxopenfiles, setting the
> filesperset doingg work on the maxblocksize.
> we have tuned the backup about 2Tb to run in 6-8 hours.
> The backup gets 4 tapes and in total writes to 7 tapes.
> the restore took us about 32 hrs which offcourse management didnt like.
> one of the ideas pooped around was .
> Is it possible to allocate more tape drives at restore time
> e.g 4 tapes drive on backup but 7 on restore
> and if we allocate enough extra channels will rman pick up the extra
> 3 tapes since it did backup on a total of 7 tapes.
> this could cut the rerstore time a lot and i'm trying to get some
> test environment to try to test this but anyone out face this issue if
> so how did they resolve/fight thru this
> Thanks

Byron Pearce               
Tenure Systems, Inc.                 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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