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RE:DBA not bottleneck

From: <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 09:04:22 -0400
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I am heading up a data cleansing effort.

The process goes like this:

-analysis done on current data
-users define business requirements for data transformation if necessary
-I ask questions because they often leave things out and this is what a good DBA would do
-I write the process to clean-up data then ask users to test before we do in production
-We do in production

I have been leading the meetings each day (30 min) and documenting resolutions, next actions, responsible parties, yadayada.

However, the user has come up with a number of business rules after going back and doing some analysis and saying "Well, I guess we didn't do that right the first time - and as much as I could I have been learning all the business rules and asking lots of pertinent questions" - all good everybody happy.

However, managers say "Hey, this should be done by now - not realizing the detailed analysis and testing this requires and multiple people" - so

I want to provide something back like how long it might take me to do - however, to be frank much of what I find when coding is more issues that need to be answered with a business rule that I cannot make up!!!!! So I do go the extra mile - not just fix the one thing - but also bring up pertinent and relevant issues and keep this train on track.

If they do good analysis and it takes them X number of hours to do that it doesn't take me long to turn around the fix.

If they miss something or in fixing that one thing I uncover yet something else on the system or need clarification it takes longer.

So, what do I say to these managers???? I am more help on this in all areas but since once the issues are identified (which I am one of the persons who finds and is able to generalize into a more concrete problem and find patterns across the database ), analysis is done (which I often help with), business requirements specified (which I often ask pertinent questions for to get clarification), I am the last guy holding the bag writing the clean-up process - which is actually done speedy quick - but since it is the last thing in the overall process it looks like I have had lots of time to do this.

Very frustrating. How do I help managers to understand this????

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