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Re: UltraSPARC IV - Oops disregard the last one

From: Tim Johnston <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 17:39:00 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Oops... Hit the send by mistake.... I'll try this again... See below...

>> Yeah, it pretty much removes any argument for the US IV, in my mind.
>> I'm a little peeved that Sun is muddying the waters by claiming that
>> each UltraSparc IV is a "processor" - the amusing side effect is
>> their marketing capital does linguistic backflips with terms like
>> "Chip MultiThreading - CMT". The goal is to encourage people to see
>> the chips as a single processor, and not see the need to doubly
>> license per-cpu software, which I find disingenuous.

Actually, there is one interesting case where the US IV is attractive... The problem lies with moving through the Sun product lineup and needing more then 12 CPU's on your DB server... Here is a product summary using list prices from the Sun website...

A 4 CPU 16 GB V480 lists for $43K

A 8 CPU 32 GB V880 lists for $110K

A 12 CPU 24 GB V1280 lists for $140K

Now, let's say you need more then 12 CPU... Now what? A 6800?

A 16 CPU 64 GB 6800 lists for $585K!!!

A 24 CPU 96 GB 6800 lists for $843K!!!

Enter the E2900 using US IV chips...

A 8 CPU 32 GB E2900 lists for $190K

A 12 CPU 96 GB E2900 lists for $333K

"IF" the US IV can even come close to the 2:1 US III claim then it seems like the E2900 could fill a niche for the users in the 12-24 CPU range...

Again though... It depends on the configuration and usage pattern of your application... Always a "it depends" in there...

Thanks again!


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