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Re: ESRI ArcSDE application

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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 09:13:22 -0400
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We have three database servers that we consider our "SDE servers". They are UNIX boxes that house one or more instances of Oracle databases / SDE servers. There is always a one-to-one correspondence between SDE and its RDBMS. When there is more than one instance, there are multiple SDEHOMEs that correspond to the multiple ORACLE_HOMEs. It helps to think of SDE in the same terms that you would Oracle Spatial -- it's just a different product that does geodatabases and geoprocessing, but has a proprietary data architecture. Because of the dense datasets that usually typify spatial data, and the management of the services in relation to the database, I would imagine putting SDE on one server and the database on another would make for a lot of headaches. SDE is not an application, but more of a service between the database and applications. SDE is best at intensive spatial analysis and scientific modeling. Not only are the databases different to manage than typical business applications, but the cultural climate of end users who are hydrologists, geologists and engineers are also different. Geographers use databases in different ways
-- I know, I'm married to one!

We run the applications, ArcIMS and ArcGIS, on a multitude of application servers and within Citrix or desktops. All in all, we have found this configuration to work best in our environment. SDE is starting to come into its own with its latest release, and I've found the combination of Oracle 9.2 with SDE 8.3, accessed with ArcGIS, to be fairly solid. ArcIMS, the Internet Map Server, is another story, but it's workable.

It is heartening to see a thread on SDE once in a while, because one of my major issues with this product is that the traditional IT support is bypassed, and the databases and products are supported by the GIS group, usually a bunch of geographers that use IT to do their jobs. Seeing this thread hopefully means that SDE is moving further into the major database leagues. On the other hand, to administer an Oracle/SDE instance, the DBA needs to be somewhat educated in geoprocessing and spatial datasets, so it's a two-way street.

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