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Re: Oracle Expert

From: Mogens Nørgaard <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 11:20:58 +0200
Message-ID: <>

And just to set the license record straight:

Yes, you pay either $60 per Named User Plus license or $3000 per CPU license for each of the OEM Packs. That's always been the case.

With 10g there's a new twist, since some of the really cool performance and patch features in that relase can only be used if you buy the OEM Packs.

In short, AWR, ADDM, ASH, Advisors, etc. on the performance side must only be used if you have purchased both the Performance and Tuning packs. The database cloning and the various patch maintenance features of 10g must only be used if you have purchased the Change Management pack.

It makes the packs much more useful. It also makes Oracle more expensive, which will hinder the sales of these packs.

As for the historic facet: Yes, they came from the Rdb world, and they (expecially the DEC Expert product) would deliver reports several hundred pages long where each parameter setting, and all sorts of other in-conclusive data, were presented to the great bewilderment (but often satisfaction) of the customer/end-user. The lack of proper instrumentation showed, of course.

Mogens wrote:

> >
> > I would seriously advise against that. I have horrible experience
> with OEM
> > change pack. The company I used to work for ended up buying Schema
> > Manager from
> > Quest, despite having OEM Change Management license. Quest Schema Manager
> > is a great product, but for the change management part of "Oracle
> Expert",
> > its expertise consists in producing Java engine dumps, user interface
> crashes,
> > management server crashes and ORA-0600 errors in the OEM database.
> > Whoever wrote
> > that piece of s...oftware should be a DBA in his next reincarnation
> and be
> > forced to use the product.
> I will second that.
> We eval'd OEM change mgr and Quest Schema Mgr a few years ago.
> The Quest product wins, there was no contest.
> Jared

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