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Re: Urgent: OT: Solaris: Super block corrupted

From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 11:52:24 -0400
Message-Id: <>


Working on a saturday is rarely fun, especially when there's a problem.

So, your filesystem likely has some serious corruption. FWIW, for filesystems larger than 3GB, its 1 inode for every 8k, so you're looking at "only" 20 million or so inodes. However, odds are that most of those aren't even being used, so you won't have to check them. Buuut, with serious corruption, you could end up with a badly damaged filesystem after the fsck, so even when it does complete, you might still be in trouble.

In any case, the fsck will eventually complete - the time it takes is dependent on the speed of your host and the speed of the storage. I used to have a 100GB array that was pretty fast attached to an e4000 that took about 40 minutes to do a full fsck - that yours is taking much longer could also be indicative of a damaged drive or array (which could be why it crashed to begin with). Or it could just be a slow host and storage.

Hope this is helpful - wish I had better news.


Matthew Zito
GridApp Systems
Cell: 646-220-3551
Phone: 212-358-8211 x 359

On Jun 5, 2004, at 11:24 AM, Naveen, Nahata (IE10) wrote:

> Hi All,
> First of all let me confess my ignorance about Solaris System
> administration, so this might be a naive and improperly worded
> question.
> Is it normal? How long does it typically take? Will it check each and
> every
> possible INODE? If so, how many inodes are there?
> From whatever I make out of the documentation, if the file-system is
> created
> without specifying "nbpi" (which I think our sysadmin did) it creates 1
> inode for every 2048 bytes of storage.
> Our file system is ~140 GB, so does it contain approximately 73 million
> inodes? If that is the case going by the fact that it has reached I=~1
> million in about 4 hours, it will take forever to recover.
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