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Re: Food for thought

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Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 13:44:44 -0400
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Also new in DB2 "STINGER" is "you can now invoke procedures from triggers".

Some items from Database Journal that may stimulate some discussion.

We sometimes take PL/SQL for granted.  We sometimes forget how well
off we are with this language.

> *********************************************************************
> 1. What's New for SQL PL in the IBM DB2 Universal Database "Stinger" Release
> June 1, 2004
> Part two of our Stinger preview series examines the new architecture for
> native SQL PL stored procedures that no longer require a C compiler.

This author flunked relational algebra.

> 3. Storing Multiple Statuses Using an Integer Column
> May 31, 2004
> How many applications do you have that capture a status field for one
> reason or another? Do these status fields support only a single status
> value at a time? Learn how to use an integer field to support having
> multiple statuses assigned to records at the same time.

An interesting feature of DB2.  Would be useful in DW and DM.

> ------------------------------------------------------------
> 4. An IBM DB2 Universal Database "Stinger" Feature Preview: Dynamic
> Generated Columns
> May 28, 2004
> This article is the first in a series that introduces some of the new
> features in DB2 UDB 'Stinger.' Included are examples that you can use with
> the open beta today.

Some possibly useful examples for DBMS_RANDOM. Though I think it is
much easier to generate test data from the dictionary. Faster too.

> 9. Generating random numbers and strings in Oracle
> May 25, 2004
> Generating random numbers or strings is oft-times a necessity. Oracle
> provides a random number generator that is faster than writing your won
> random generation logic in PL/SQL, and can generate both character and
> alphanumeric strings. Perhaps it is time to learn more about the
> DBMS_RANDOM package.
> ------------------------------------------------------------

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