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RE: 4031 - errors

From: Duret, Kathy <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 16:39:43 -0500
Message-ID: <>

the trouble with the switch here it that the developers forget to switch it off.  

I totally agree with the many functions, procedure rule. I tried today to get them to break it up, but getting the developer and the other choke dba to change their code is harder than
carving another face on mount Rushmore.  

BTW loved your comment Johnathan... yet another top has coffee stains all over it. I have to remember to put down my drink before I read these emails.  


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> OK - here are some things that contributed to my problems and woes:
> 3) The other choke, gasp, dba had alot of dbms_outputs in procedure,
> functions except that he moved into production instead of commenting them
> out.

Commenting them out is bad form for production code. A switch that can be set at runtime to enable/disable the debug code is quite a bit better.

The default of course should be false.


> one procedure that called another function which called another
> function, had more than 20 of these things. And yes same person who is
> updating
> across the links.....

Many functions is better than 1 big one. You just need to implement a trace mechanism to trace the call stack when the, *ahem*, debug flag is set.


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