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Registry remnants after uninstalling 9.2 on W2K server

From: Paul Vincent <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 00:06:25 +0100
Message-ID: <>

OK, there's no excuse for such carelessness: The development team wanted to revert a W2K server, which had Oracle 9.2 installed (but no databases yet) to Oracle 8.0.6, in order to test a migration path. So I stopped the Oracle services, ran the Oracle Installer and uninstalled 9.2, removed the remnant directories, then rebooted the server. I then got the install CD for Oracle 8.0.6 and installed it into its own Oracle Home.  

Fine - no problems.  

Except that when the developers went to install their 3rd-party application package, it threw up error messages which clearly showed it was looking for files in the old Oracle 9.2 Home directories - which of course no longer existed.  

Clearly I screwed up by not realising (I realise now!) that there must have been lingering Registry entries relating to Oracle 9.2, which I should have identified and deleted before proceeding with my installation of Oracle 8.0.6.  

So my question is: is it a "safe" course of action to simply remove those lingering 9.2 registry entries? If so, which entries should I remove in order for the server to only regard itself as possessing a single, 8.0.6, Oracle Home? (I've not been through this particular process before, though I'm OK with making Registry edits in general). Or is this too risky a procedure, and would I be better off uninstalling 8.0.6, removing ALL Oracle registry entries (in which case, could someone please give me a checklist of relevant entries?), and then re-installing 8.0.6. As I mentioned, no database has been created yet, simply Oracle software installed.  

Definitely one of THOSE days...  


Paul Vincent
Database Administrator
University of Central England
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