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Re: Deinstalling via OUI

From: Teresa Redmond <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 09:55:03 -0400
Message-ID: <>

This is my first post, please pardon if I've made it too long...

Wednesday, April 14, 2004, 8:27:23 PM, you wrote:

> Folks,

> This is probably a ridiculously easy question, but how does one go about
> using the OUI to deinstall a component, e.g., Oracle interMedia,
> /without/ deinstalling all the components it depends on? Another
> example, which should not be required, I'd assume, by any other
> components, is Oracle Database Demos, but choosing this for
> deinstallation automatically includes such obviously needed tools such
> as Export. In some cases the database server itself is selected for
> deinstallation!

> I suspect this happens because the other component somehow requires the
> one you want to install, and thus it's recursively included in the
> deinstallation list. But how can one simply remove those dependencies,
> and why are they there in the first place? Bottom line: I want to
> deliver Oracle with as small a footprint as possible. I don't need, for
> example, interMedia, or sample database files, or the DBCA, yet it seems
> these are "required" by other components. Is there a way around this
> short of modifying the inventory files manually? Are these truly
> required? Has anyone actually attempted this?

I would be highly interested in this also. We have a test bed with 8.1.5 installed, and I had also installed OAS and WebDB in anticipation of testing migrating our Forms and Reports client/server app to web based. We installed version 6 of the Developer software, including Forms server and Reports server. Pretty much installed about everything we got in the software set that we have.

We were definitively told last week that the customer is not interested in going web based, much less upgrading the Oracle software, so I went in to de-install all that stuff, hoping to have only the database server and its required files and programs, such as the OEM stuff that I use, and that sort of thing. While de-installing the Developer software, it took away lots of things that, like Adam says, the database itself needed! Unless of course, I told it not to... but it doesn't tell you *what* is depending on the file it is asking you about.

I ended up just de-installing everything involved with Developer, OAS, and WebDB, then going to and digging until I found an old JDK that I could install into the Oracle top level directory, then shutting down the database and re-installing the database software on top of what was there. THEN, the fun part. Open regedit, then do a "find" on "ora" and the various home names of the stuff I'd de-installed. I either deleted keys, or changed the values to point to the OraHome81 that I have left. Boy was that fun. Next, configure the listener, re-start the database, and everything was fine, just as I left it. Fortunately this is only the test bed, and I don't have any of that extra stuff on the production server!

At any rate, that's what *I* did, and I just hope it was enough. I have NOT rebooted the server, I'm a little scared to... Obviously I am very new to Oracle. (please don't yell at me... :)

ps: win2kpro, ora8.1.5, used OUI to de-install OAS and WebDB, used installer on Developer CD to de-install Developer.

Teresa Redmond

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