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Re: FW: Extended Characters

From: Frank <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 21:33:55 +0200
Message-ID: <> wrote:
> I've gone through this a couple of times, and I think I've learned
> a few things from it (not that I can't learn some more). =20
> The NLS_LANG parameter on the Oracle client (and exactly what is
> the client is not always easy to spot in an n-tier environment)=20
> matches the codeset actually being used by the _client_, and the
> the NLS_LANG parameter on the Oracle server matches what is being
> used by the server (an easier task to verify) then everything works.
> Most likely, your web server is not using and encoding compatible with
> its NLS_LANG parameter.
> Notice I did not say that the NLS_LANG setting on the client must
> match that of the Server. All of your character conversions is done
> by the client; to do this it has to know what the user is using, and it
> can't get that from the Server. I would try changing the NLS_LANG
> setting on the web server to match whatever codeset you are using.
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> From: on behalf of Ron Rogers
> Sent: Tue 4/13/2004 2:40 PM
> To:
> Cc:=09
> Subject: Re: Extended Characters
> Deanna,
> the =3DBF is created by holding down the "Alt" key and hitting number =
> 168. =3D
> Perhaps there is a conversion error in the application that generates =
> =3D
> those key strokes.
> Ron

>>>> 04/13/2004 1:22:01 PM >>>

> Hi All,
> I'm just a lowly developer, so bear with me, please. We do a lot of
> development with web applications (using ColdFusion) that insert data =
> =3D
> using
> the jdbc drivers into Oracle (8.1.7). These are the language variables =
> in
> Oracle. Supposedly, they've been set to match in the java server, too:
> NLS_LANGUAGE - American
> NLS_CHARACTERSET - WE8DEC (an extended character set, Western
> European)
> We have a recurring problem with the Microsoft Extended Characters =
> turning
> into upside down question marks on insert. The DBA and Coldfusion admins
> say, "there's nothing that can be done."
> The recommended hack is to change all extended characters to their html
> entities before insert - which works fine if you're using the data only =
> on
> webpages. Not such a good approach if you want it for other stuff - like
> downloadable spreadsheets and such.
> Can you think of anything that could be done?
> --=3D20
> Deanna Schneider
> UWEX-Cooperative Extension
> Interactive Media Developer

All true, but please bear in mind, that
Microsoft uses non ISO character mappings (the Euro-sign is a prime example; however, it's the European Union to blame, if I'm informed correctly).
I would go for WE8MSWIN1252 as character set for the client - anything 8 bits on the
server would be OK

Check your data with dump(column_name) to see what characters were mapped to what code - hopefully you'll find the culprit somewhere.

BTW - downloadable spreadsheets would be binary, so stored in BLOBS - these aren't touched.


Frank van Bortel

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