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Re: Process field on v$session

From: Peter Gram <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 00:30:00 +0200
Message-ID: <>


I must assume you are using some OS from Microsoft, but again I could be wrong.
If you need t interment the content of the process column from v$session on a MS os
the first part before the ':' is the pid this can be found in taskmanager or one of the
nice tools from that produces the best tool for debugging
and thereby understanding the MS os .-)


QuijadaReina, Julio C wrote:

>For a good chunk of the day now, I've been trying to get all information
>I can about this one session that is consuming up to 70 per cent of CPU
>on our db server.
>Let me give you a little background: We have an application server that
>runs a web-based system for class registration. This app server runs
>Apache. The task mingler on this app server shows several Apache PIDs
>-each db instance has its own separate web service and in turn, each
>Apache PID can have several child processes.
>Now, in my efforts to track down this CPU-hogging session; on our db
>server I see this session as coming from the app server [get this from
>v$session.machine.] I can also get some other goodies by joining on
>v$process to get the db server PID. I've done pretty good up to this
>point, but there is one field on v$session called 'process' of which I
>am uncertain. This field shows two numbers separated by a colon (e.g.
>2800:2168). A little bit of research indicates that the first number
>corresponds to the app server Apache's PID. I have used netstat on my
>app server to see if the second number would be a port number. But,
>netstat does not show any clients connecting to that port number. Has
>anyone figured out what that second number stands for? Is it a client's
>identification number of some sort or is it just a random number
>generated by Oracle upon establishing a connection? I'll appreciate any
>input you may have on this. Thanks in advance!
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