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RE: ORA-00600:internal error code, arguments:[26599],[1],[124] Wh en creating........

From: Duret, Kathy <>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 08:49:55 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Did a search on metalink for this error 26599 and got a lot of docs back. The Ora 600 search didn't give
me anything. You didn't mention your hardware platform you were on, so it was hard for me to tell which might
be the test docs to reference you to there. Also search in the bugs and patches, looks like there are several bugs and patches available as looks like Oracle broke/forgot something in the upgrade for Java.

I didn't find anythigng on google that would help. But you might want to check the
list for Oracle-L, ask Tom, etc.

You might want to raise a tar with Oracle as well if this is mission critical.

The list will be pretty slow this weekend due to the holiday.

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From: Luis deUrioste [] Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 6:06 PM
Subject: ORA-00600:internal error code, arguments:[26599],[1],[124] When creating........

Im trying to implement this code, and I get this hedious error:

ORA-00600:internal error code, arguments:[26599],[1],[124] -- can = somebody shed some light on me Please. I've implemented this before. The = current DB is and the one where everything works is = Hardware is the exact same, schema is duplicated , memory configuration = is the same, I'm at a loss can't figure this one out.

Any and all help will be highly appreciated.


************************************Code =

CREATE OR REPLACE AND RESOLVE JAVA SOURCE NAMED "SendMail" as import = java.util.*;=20


   import javax.mail.*;=20
   import javax.mail.internet.*;=20
   import javax.activation.*;=20
   public class SendMail {=20
      // Sender, Recipient, CCRecipient, and BccRecipient are comma-=20
      // separated lists of addresses;=20
      // Body can span multiple CR/LF-separated lines;=20
      // Attachments is a ///-separated list of file names;=20
      public static int Send(String SMTPServer,=20
                             String Sender,=20
                             String Recipient,=20
                             String CcRecipient,=20
                             String BccRecipient,=20
                             String Subject,=20
                             String Body,=20
                             String ErrorMessage[],=20
                             String Attachments) {=20
         // Error status;=20
         int ErrorStatus =3D 0;=20
	    // create some properties and get the default Session;=20
	    Properties props =3D System.getProperties();=20
	    props.put("", SMTPServer);=20
          Session session =3D Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null);=20
          try {=20

// create a message;=20
MimeMessage msg =3D new MimeMessage(session);=20 =20
// extracts the senders and adds them to the message;=20
// Sender is a comma-separated list of e-mail addresses as=20
// per RFC822;=20
{=20 InternetAddress[] TheAddresses =3D=20 InternetAddress.parse(Sender);=20 msg.addFrom(TheAddresses);=20 }=20 =20 // extract the recipients and assign them to the message;=20
// Recipient is a comma-separated list of e-mail addresses=20
// as per RFC822;=20
{=20 InternetAddress[] TheAddresses =3D=20 InternetAddress.parse(Recipient);=20 msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO,=20 TheAddresses);=20 }=20 =20 // extract the Cc-recipients and assign them to the=20
// message;=20
// CcRecipient is a comma-separated list of e-mail=20
// addresses as per RFC822;=20
if (null !=3D CcRecipient) {=20 InternetAddress[] TheAddresses =3D=20 InternetAddress.parse(CcRecipient);=20 msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.CC,=20 TheAddresses);=20 }=20 =20 // extract the Bcc-recipients and assign them to the=20
// message;=20
// BccRecipient is a comma-separated list of e-mail=20
// addresses as per RFC822;=20
if (null !=3D BccRecipient) {=20 InternetAddress[] TheAddresses =3D=20 InternetAddress.parse(BccRecipient);=20 msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.BCC,=20 TheAddresses);=20 }=20 =20
// subject field;=20
msg.setSubject(Subject);=20 =20
// create the Multipart to be added the parts to;=20
Multipart mp =3D new MimeMultipart();=20 =20
// create and fill the first message part;=20
{=20 MimeBodyPart mbp =3D new MimeBodyPart();=20 mbp.setText(Body);=20 =20 // attach the part to the multipart;=20 mp.addBodyPart(mbp);=20 }=20 =20
// attach the files to the message;=20
if (null !=3D Attachments) {=20 int StartIndex =3D 0, PosIndex =3D 0;=20 while (-1 !=3D (PosIndex =3D Attachments.indexOf("///",=20 StartIndex))) {=20 // create and fill other message parts;=20 MimeBodyPart mbp =3D new MimeBodyPart();=20 FileDataSource fds =3D=20 new FileDataSource(Attachments.substring(StartIndex,=20 PosIndex));=20 mbp.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(fds));=20 mbp.setFileName(fds.getName());=20 mp.addBodyPart(mbp);=20 PosIndex +=3D 3;=20 StartIndex =3D PosIndex;=20 }=20 // last, or only, attachment file;=20 if (StartIndex < Attachments.length()) {=20 MimeBodyPart mbp =3D new MimeBodyPart();=20 FileDataSource fds =3D=20 new FileDataSource(Attachments.substring(StartIndex));=20 mbp.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(fds));=20 mbp.setFileName(fds.getName());=20 mp.addBodyPart(mbp);=20 }=20 }=20 =20
// add the Multipart to the message;=20
msg.setContent(mp);=20 =20
// set the Date: header;=20
msg.setSentDate(new Date()); props.put("mail.smtp.dsn.notify","SUCCESS,FAILURE,DELAY = ORCPT=3Drfc822;" + Recipient); msg.setHeader("Return-Receipt-To",Sender); =20
// msg.setHeader("Disposition-Notification-To",Sender);
// send the message;=20
Transport.send(msg);=20 } catch (MessagingException MsgException) {=20 ErrorMessage[0] =3D MsgException.toString();=20 Exception TheException =3D null;=20 if ((TheException =3D MsgException.getNextException()) = !=3D=20 null)=20 ErrorMessage[0] =3D ErrorMessage[0] + "\n" +=20 TheException.toString();=20 ErrorStatus =3D 1;=20 }=20 return ErrorStatus;=20 }=20


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