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Re: Stuck session help

From: Daniel W. Fink <Daniel.Fink_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 19:47:02 -0600
Message-id: <>

> Any chance the rollback segment is "full" ?
No such messages in the alert log. I don't know if that message is being passed to the application, and it is 1) on the items to ask the developer about.

I don't understand how you can to the "sticks before the execute phase of insert". With so many "SQL*Net message from client waits", is it possible the insert succeeded and it is waiting for more work ?

The execute phase of the insert is never written to the trace file. It goes PARSE, BIND, WAIT...WAIT. And the trace file stops there (the session is still active, but has nothing to write)

What Oracle version? How does the app access the database... JDBC? Java app using JDBC

Is it possible that your archive destination is full or some related hold like that has affected you, making your database stall while waiting for archive space to free?

Checked this. Nope.

It looks like Oracle is just relaxing waiting for the data to arrive from the application to be loaded.

This is what distracted me in the first place. However, the STATE is WAITED KNOWN TIME, which indicates that the event in v$session_wait has been completed and the session is not waiting on that at the current time. The trace file confirms this.

The problem is JDBC sends a null packet to the server. It's somewhat unpredictable since the packet has to be "just right" in size for this to happen.

This is exactly describes the problem we are encountering. I'll see what I can do.

Is it (Pro*)C?

Sorry, Carel-Jan, it's java. Now get some sleep! That's an order!

Does Oracle automatically kill the session after a timeout period?

What does your application do after the 'sticking' followed by the Oracle timeout?

No. It will stay active until the dba kills the session

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