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oracle downgrade support

From: Gamble, Scott <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 09:06:44 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I have been reading the thread on tech support with some interest and = was triggered to post.

We are currently in the middle of upgrading all our databases to = Production databases are scheduled to start upgrading next = month and as part of our testing our management requires us to test and = document a downgrade procedure. This is mostly due to a situation that = occurred in our upgrade from 8.0.6->8.1.7 and hitting a crippling = performance bug in 8.1.7 that brought the business almost to a halt. We = struggled through a few weeks of fighting with Oracle support to get = them to accept it as a bug and when they did it was going to be a month = until they had a patch for it. During that time management decided they = could no longer live with the problem and we had to get back to 8.0.6 as = quickly as possible. Well the downgrade procedure failed miserably due = to another issue with the software and it was another week until we were = able to downgrade.

Needless to say management is a bit concerned about major upgrades and = being able to downgrade. Obviously if a major problem is found early = enough restoring the cold backup from before the upgrade is the best = option. But say the bug is not found for 1 week and Oracle cannot fix it = for 1 month.

According to document 208201.1 on metalink downgrading from =>8.1.7 is doable. Assuming that patch sets are mostly bug fixes = does that not imply that you can go from to 8.1.7?

We have tested this with 2 databases that mimic 2 of our production = databases. Both have been unsuccessful with 1 having invalid sys objects = after the downgrade and the other getting ora-600's on materialized view = refreshes.

After opening 2 different tars with oracle for these issues they have = both come back with slightly different answers 1) database downgrades = are not supported 2) downgrading from a patch set is not supported =
(meaning only downgrading from the base release of =
There answer was in both cases to restore the cold backup from prior to = the upgrade or import/export to downgrade.

Does it really seem correct that Oracle does not support downgrades or = are we just hitting bad information from support?

Scott Gamble
Oracle DBA - ERP and DB Technology Engineering=20 Cardinal Health, Medical Products and Services

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