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RE: how good is oracle tech support?

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 15:57:32 +0100
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Comments below
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> There are two ways to look at a "trivial request":

> 1- You should not need to open a tar to find the answer

> 2- Oracle support should never provide a wrong answer on so=20
> basic a request

> Dennis's point on how problems are phrased in iTAR's is very=20
> important in my
> experience. My pet peeve is when I suspect that the assigned=20
> analyst is
> just stalling and responds with a request for information of=20
> questionable
> value to the problem. The more clearly you word the problem=20
> and the more
> query results you can post that demonstrate the problem and related
> information the better.
On the other hand I considered this question clear, and the information is =
not readily apparent from the DataGuard maniual - I was looking in the wron=
g place. I think the initial response exemplifies that sometimes you need t=
o ask the question 2 or 3 times to get a decent response. Yes it is a simpl=
e query - but getting confirmation from support that our DR solution is sup=
ported seemed sort of important

### Detailed Problem Statement: ###
Under 8i Standard Edition creation and maintenance of a standby database=20 manually was supported. Is this functionality still available and supported=  under 9i Release 2 Std Edition or is DataGuard/Standby now available only = to EE=20

14-AUG-03 08:48:09 TAR has been assigned to an analyst -- Sending email.=20

14-AUG-03 09:00:32 The DataGuard is available only with Oracle9i Enterprise Edition.

For more informations please read:
NOTE:165296.1 - Upgrading to 9i with Standby Database in place

Name withheld to protect the guilty.=20

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