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From: Hodgkinson, Stephen <>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 08:49:56 +1100
Message-ID: <E92DFBCB7FA4D411BC350000F6B0345313723694@C205960S16>

Tom mentions the issue of LMT and System:

In one of his articles : "Converting Dictionary Managed to LMT tablespace", 8_DISPLAYID,F4950_P8_CRITERIA:1163235055159, When talking about the package - tablespace_migrate_to_local he discourages it use and says:

' Not really, a migrated tablespace won't have the bitmaps at the "front" like a
natural one would. '

Can anybody tell me what that means? - "bitmaps at the front".

A bit of Background:

We are discussing if we should change our System tablespace to LMT using the package tablespace_migrate_to_local.

All our other tablespaces are already LMT. We will be moving to RAC soon and thing it would be better to have everything LMT as documents on RAC seem to continually recommend LMT.

As we can not do an import/export of our database we are considering using the package tablespace_migrate_to_local.


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From: Stephen Andert [] Sent: Thursday, 18 March 2004 3:44
Subject: RE: LMT SYSTEM Tablespace? - SUMMARY

Thanks to all who replied. Ruth, Dennis, Tom & Hemant.

Excerpts from the replies are below.

Based on this, I think we are proceeding as we have been. That is to say, databases that are upgraded are keeping SYSTEM as DMT and new installs will get LMT for SYSTEM. For all other tablespaces, we are moving to LMT.

Stephen Andert


I see no good reason why to change the SYSTEM tablespace to an LMT. I say
wait until Oracle says it is required and then do it. Probably in 10G.
It's working as it is, so I would leave it alone.


I use LMT SYSTEM in and on Tru64 and Solaris without any issues


Yes, in 9i LMT is the default for system tablespace and if that is LMT you cannot create a
DMT. Haven't tried it, just quoting.


In earlier versions the system tablespace was not supposed to be locally
managed. In 9.2.0.x you can and probably should make it locally managed.
I just did this on my production databases.

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