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RE: oracle apps 11.5.9 to current patch set level

From: Hately, Mike (LogicaCMG) <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 10:17:03 -0000
Message-ID: <08916DA065CDD511A5EB00508B69BF2806744B4C@mwexs1.nedomain>

The quickst way to apply all of the current recommended patches is to apply the latest Consolidated Patchset (currently version 2 - note the capital letters - it MUST be important). This will apply all of Oracle's recommended patches up to 3-12-2003). There's a link on Metalink; click "E-Business 11i" and page down to "Latest Release Information". I applied this over the weekend and it was relatively painless. The next step will be to check Oracle's "Recommended Patch List" to identify any patches that have been released since the Consolidated Patchset.  

Also, regularly download the script from Oracle. It's updated daily and will identify any discrepancies between your patchset level and the latest released version.  

Hope this helps,
Mike Hately

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From: Kommareddy, Srinivas (MED, Wissen Infotech) []
Sent: 23 March 2004 07:22
Subject: oracle apps 11.5.9 to current patch set level

Hi All,  

DB: 9i

Oracle apps: 11.5.9  

We have installed 11.5.9 oracle apps (vanilla version) from CDs. Now we want to bring it to current patchlevel.  

Can somebody through some light on this ?  

Any Metalink Doc Ids, URLs etc................. any other stuff/help is
greatly appreciated.  

Thanks in advance.  



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