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RE: Hardware / OS recommendation

From: Hitchman, Peter <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 14:08:12 -0000
Message-ID: <8D697B8FCEBB3744B3A1E4AE15E8331E02DA34@der-lon-msg-03>

Well Oracle have always supported Solaris very well in my experience, but I think that you should give Linux serious consideration, since you are having to make a change. Some of the guys here attended some Oracle technology days recently and the set-up was on Red Hat. It is crystal ball gazing, but I think that Solaris will still be around in the next 5 years, but that Linux will get even stronger. So in the end I think for you it comes down to what other strong arguments your SA has for wanting Solaris.



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[]On Behalf Of John Flack Sent: 19 March 2004 13:54
Subject: Hardware / OS recommendation

We are currently running 8.1.7 databases on a 4 year old Dell Pentium machine, under SCO UnixWare. This is the last supported version of Oracle under UnixWare, and since the hardware is getting old in internet years, we're thinking of getting new hardware running a supported OS for Oracle 9i R2 or 10g. I'm the official DBA, but my system administrator has been wearing an Asst. DBA hat doing much of the day to day work.

The SA wants to get a low-end Sun SPARC machine running Solaris, since the price of these has come down to around the same price as the sort of high end Intel or AMD machine that we would normally use as a server. I would normally vote for the Intel/AMD solution running Red Hat or SUSE Linux, since we already run several of those. And maybe there are some low-end machines from HP or IBM (or someone else) that we should consider.

One thing I'd definitely like is an OS that Oracle will support for a long time. We started on old SCO Unix, moved to SCO Openserver when Oracle stopped supporting it, moved to UnixWare when Oracle stopped supporting Openserver, and now have to move again. Oracle is Oracle, and we've never had much of a problem with the database stuff - an export and an import, and we've been good to go. But the shell scripts, COBOL and C programs have required tweaking every time we moved. Nothing major, but just enough to have to field user complaints for weeks after each move, despite testing.

Suggestions, anyone?

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