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OT: News on VMWare Workstation update

From: Michael Thomas <>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 11:26:11 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

Sorry to take anyone's time with an OT posting. But, if you are testing various Oracle Server versions in a development lab or possibly on a mobile laptop then maybe you can benefit.

After messing about with MS Virtual PC 2004, I was keen on a few missing features. Well, VMWare must have read my mind...

  1. There is a new 4.5 version of VMWare Workstation (dated 15 Mar 2004) that now additionally supports:
  2. RH Enterprise 3.0 as a Guest OS
  3. Support for SuSE LINUX 9.0 as a Guest OS
  4. Updated LINUX support for 2.6 kernels, and some advanced features in RH 9 as a Guest OS.
  5. Support for Netware 6.5 as a Guest OS.

The complete Guest OS info can be viewed at:

2) VMWare Workstation is supposed to be able to use XP Home/Pro as the Host OS for laptop users. I have not tested this so I'd be interested in any support issues running VMWare Workstation on an XP Host OS. Please advise if you have tested it.

3) I also asked the sales rep about interchanging files between VMWare Server 3.x and Workstation 4.x. Apparently, its being tested in beta, possibly for a future release.

4) Also, there appears to be a referral program that gets the 'referee' some points (not sure what for) and the 'referred' customer gets a 5% discount price.

Plus, promotional offers (free faculty and MCT, $100 discount for MCSE/MCP):

Hth. :-)


Mike Thomas

<SPAM> If someone wants to 'refer' me so I can get the 5% discount purchase, maybe you can email me direct? </SPAM>

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