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Re: New books and new authors - and experience?

From: Rachel Carmichael <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 18:13:52 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

As an author who refused to be pressured to do the 10g update on our book before 10g was even really in beta (which led to no update ever being done), I feel that I can at least chime in.

A few points:

  1. even when the production release is out, you can still get burned by changes. Witness the difference between 9iR1 and 9iR2 when it comes to how Standby Database works. If you have an early enough printing of my book, the book is wrong. We wrote to 9iR1. Production. Then they changed it on us. Oops.
  2. Certain things about database work are and will always be standards. how you THINK as opposed to how you DO. Methodologies (at least good ones) don't age out into obsolescence the way database releases do. Cary's book is a classic and will be for a long time. Jonathan's - with his "update" of the blue patch to cover the letters "8i" - is as well.
  3. anyone who writes a book, technical or fiction (and some of the latest technical books read like fiction), doesn't really do so to make lots and lots of money. The publishers definitely make money, or they won't publish the book. The authors? You have to be as prolific as Kevin Loney, John Grisham or Nora Roberts to make any kind of real money as an author.

Authors, good ones at least, write because they feel that they *have* to. They have something to share with other people, that can help these people.

I buy new books rarely these days. Ones my friends write (gotta support your friends) and the few that are recommended by people I trust. It's too expensive to just throw my money away on books. I can buy a heck of a lot of good Scotch for the cost of some of these books.


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