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Re: Funny sort of question re sys password

From: Juan Cachito Reyes Pacheco <>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 14:38:13 -0400
Message-ID: <004101c406ce$de2e6a70$>

Re: Funny sort of question re sys passwordMy question to all of you is, do you know what is a spyware and how does it works. I ask you "Do you know , or do you have a way to know if you have a spyware installed in you machine"
In windows there are several, (including norton), spysweeper, adaware, etc. In linux what do you use?

  Good idea, but just be careful that some bonehead on your system isn't entering "sqlplus sys/<password>" on the OS command-line? Or that he's not found a "hidden file" with the password embedded and file-permissions not set properly? (Is that what you meant by "social engineering"?)

  Otherwise, he'll have that $10 out of your hands, toot sweet!

  Either way, it would still be $10 well spent... :-)

  on 3/10/04 6:49 AM, Whittle Jerome Contr NCI at wrote:

    Tell them that the proof is in the pudding. Challenge them to a $10 bet; get out a stopwatch; and sit them at a computer. If they succeed, it will be $10 well spent to expose a security weakness. Otherwise enjoy the $10 and watching them squirm.

    Jerry Whittle
    NCI Information Systems Inc.

      -----Original Message----- 
      From:   Nuno Souto [] 

      Someone at work maintains that it takes them 10 minutes to 
      break the Oracle SYS password security. 

      And the Sun boof-head (a different person and I use the 
      term loosely...) assures me he's capable of doing so any time 
      he wants. 

      Now, I've been away from this security stuff for a year or so and 
      I may well be wrong here, but breaking the password security 
      means cracking the Oracle encryption.  While this may be possible, 
      I can't believe it only takes 10 minutes? 

      Wouldn't it rather be a case of social engineering at work? 
      Or just a plain vanilla "change_on_install" case? 

      <says he who used to change it to "changed", 
      with the obvious funny consequences> 
      Nuno Souto 

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