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RE: Unix script to check database status

From: <Stephen.Lee_at_DTAG.Com>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 15:56:16 -0600
Message-ID: <>

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> I have to write an HP-UX Korn shell script to check the status of 20
> databases - up or down - and send an email if any are down.
> I'm a relative
> newbie at Unix. I'm not asking anyone to "do it for me", but
> does anyone
> know of any scripts to check database status by greping or
> otherwise looking
> at the oratab or other file and checking the status?

On 2/19, I posted a ready-to-run ksh function under the subject of "writing job dependencies shell script" which you are welcome to snag and use. "All" you need to do is build a driver script around it ... which ... in the case of my driver script is approximately 2,000 additional lines. Keep in mind that once you send out a page, you don't want to keep on and keep on and keep on sending out the same page. And it is really nice if the script runs on two boxes and can monitor the copy of the script running on the other box. And it's nice to have a config file where you can say when to monitor this or that instance, and whether it should page or just e-mail about this instance, if you don't want to get paged in the middle the night about some pitiful development database. And the script needs to read its passwords from someplace because you're probably not going to daemon agents running on the remote boxes listening for magic words on certain sockets. And it's nice if the script can read a file to get the addresses to send pages and/or e-mails because people do come and go. And it goes without saying that it should be able to detect syntax errors in its config files and tell you about it so that you can fix it.

In other words: Are the requirements for REAL monitoring, or are we talking Sears monitoring?
(OK. You would have to be pretty old and a Frank Zappa listener to get that one.)

I'm just curious: Did you volunteer for this, or did some bonehead "volunteer" you without understanding why the commercial boys don't generally give this kind of software away for free?

> Well, I don't have a script to do that,
> I wrote a Pro*C program that does that & a ton more,
> in less than a minute per db, normally.

I would love to have a spiffy example of Pro C programming. PLEASE!!
> Ite missa est, perl is the best.

What's Jar-Jar got to do with this? Missa thinks youssa is wrong.


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